Brief information on the development of ecoturbino® brand and networking with Webdeals Shops GmbH

The ecoturbino, first┬áconceptualized and developed by Ing. Werner Krenek in 2005, stands as a testament to over 30 years of experience as an Instrumentation Engineer. KerneckÔÇÖs vision was driven by the necessity for a water-saving, health-conscious solution specifically tailored for medical centers in Germany and Austria.

This┬áinnovative system, meticulously crafted with high-precision design and utilizing superior metal alloys, addresses the critical need for water conservation in medical facilities. Its creation underwent rigorous testing and certification by AustriaÔÇÖs T├ťV laboratories, affirming its performance claims.

Despite attempts by others to replicate the ecoturbino, none have managed to match its distinct features and unparalleled performance. Its unique design and efficiency solidify its position as a pioneering solution in water-saving technology, particularly within medical settings.

Overview or curriculum vitae of ecoturbino® products supplemented with year dates

The water-saving products for hotels etc. that have been tried and tested in practice can now look back on many years of development, testing and trialling. We have summarised the most important data for you here.


  • World Water Day – Cooperation with Adelholzner Mineral
  • Development of the World of ecoturbino platform
  • Start of ecoturbino Middle East Countries
  • Start of cooperation with Miele International


  • Awarded with the Ecolabel
  • Listing with hotel purchasing co-operatives
  • New online shop Cooperation with Webdeals Shops GmbH
  • Hansgrohe Cooperation:┬áInclusion of hansgrohe products in complete set including shower hose and shower heads
  • 17.4.2023 termination of cooperation with the Rabmer Group Austria


  • ISAR Munich hospital equipped with ecoturbino technology
  • High demand for water-saving shower heads – climate change
  • Product launch Ecoturbino Deluxe series


  • Innovation from Austria saves water and energy in Dubai
  • Johannesbad Group in Germany fully equipped with ecoturbino technology
  • Continuous optimisations ecoturbiono system


  • SAS Z├╝rich, Schweiz
  • International brand registration ecoturbino┬« No. 1315887


  • 2 minutes 2 million TV show season 3 episode 5
  • 30,000 pieces ecoturbino sold to energy suppliers as an eligible energy efficiency measure


  • Trade mark application ecoturbino – Brand name change
  • Expertise SV Kren
  • T├ťV certification ecoturbino as an energy efficiency measure
  • August: Start of sales partnership with Rabmer Group Austria


  • Start with Europe-wide distribution as a water reducer


  • Production readiness and patent application confirmation
  • First reference SAS Hotel Vienna via newsletter


  • Initial considerations and idea of the functional principle

Excerpt from our ecoturbino® partners and references that save water sustainably