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Welcome to the unique World of Ecoturbino® WATER SAVING IN SHOWERS REFERENCES

ecoturbino┬« – The Original | has been serving water sustainability for 15 years.

Here you will find an overview of all our environmentally conscious customers or partners who have decided to treat our precious water as one of the most important world resources with care and resource-saving (40% less drinking water consumption), while still allowing people to enjoy “hygienically clean showers” without any loss of shower comfort.

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The ecoturbino® technology represents contemporary sustainability in water consumption. It improves water efficiency and conservation in sanitary systems, primarily in relation to showers and faucets.

Integrated in ecoturbino┬« are innovative turbine or vortex flow technologies that optimize water flow through “air incorporation” without compromising the user experience. They ensure a satisfactory and comfortable water jet while significantly reducing water consumption.

These ecoturbinos are designed to minimize water wastage and promote sustainability by efficiently using existing water resources. This makes them a valuable addition to eco-friendly and water-saving initiatives in households and commercial buildings.

Imagine this! All people and businesses use ecoturbino┬«, and we reduce water consumption by 40% in showers and sinks. Right: These amounts of water are unimaginable – it would almost fill seas.

Not good! We will still need more water, desalination plants, energy consumption, and larger sewage treatment plants. So what are we waiting for?